Ep. 29 - Is Your Past Keeping You from Potential Prospects?

Elle’s history of dating younger men and marrying one has left her feeling that her professional and financial success is a romantic liability. Additionally, Elle’s current environment is one that leaves her feeling especially vulnerable to exploitation. In this Episode, Paula helps Elle explore how her examination of past experiences is likely eliciting a pre-judgement of men by their age and career success, thus thwarting her ability to see individual merit in any man. Because Elle does not wish to move, she is faced with either changing her perceptions or continuing to see only problems with dating men in her area. By pointing out the fact that Elle has been hurt by both successful and unsuccessful men, and that both types of men can either be moral and supportive, or not, Paula attempts to coach Elle to see the possibility of romantic success via tweaks in her approach, activities, attitude, and acceptance, rather than focus on what has been less than optimal in her past.

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